What is Forum Posting and Social Bookmarking Sites Submission and its Difference

Forum & Social Bookmarking Submissions

What is Forum and Social Bookmarking submission sites

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to improve your website ranking in Google SERP. Seo includes on-page and off-page SEO and link building. Using these steps we can improve the website ranking on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), SEO is the most important part of Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is divided into 3 parts

Off-page SEO
On-page SEO
Link building

Types of SEO in Brief

  • On-page SEO includes meta Tags in Header page (Main Page), sitemap file, robots file, canonical tags and etc.
  • Off-page SEO includes directory submission, Articles Submission, Social Bookmarking submission, Forums Submission, Classified ad posting, Image posting and sharing submission sites and infographics submission, Video, and audio submission and Etc.
  • Link building increases the quality and quantity of inbound sites to the web pages and improve search engine ranking.

What is Forum Posting and its Benefits?

Forum posting increases the ranking of a website on Google and the main advantage of forum posting is it not helps to increase the ranking and traffic of the website only it also creates high-quality backlinks for websites. Forum posting includes discussion about website contents and tags in the discussion section in forums. It creates an inbound link for the website and improves the quantity and quality of backlinks as well as when needed. If you want to submit your forums discussion list then register in forums top sites and enter the discussion contents. we need to proper do-follow links of forums then we create a huge amount of traffic to your website. Using forums submission creates indirect traffic for websites also because it creates do follow backlinks for website and website contents. Another side we can do direct marketing of websites using forum submissions. Forum posting is used for long term posting for websites. In forums submission, it’s better to involve the forum submission which is related to niche content.

Benefits of Forums Posting in SEO

Using Forums Submission it can Improve your backlinks and make your domain trustworthy.
Its increase in website traffic quickly and easily. 
It makes website contents and articles reliable and comfortable.
Some Basics instructions during forums posting 
Do not copy contents from another website try to write own content in forums posting
Avoid direct marketing in the forum posting
Select those keywords which are related to the description of the website.

What is Social Bookmarking Submission and its Benefits?

Social bookmarking is a way to use for organized and store manage and search bar on the bookmarks web page, user can save web links through bookmarks and add details on saved web pages and update when needed. In bookmarking, user can submit vote and comments also. Social Bookmarking sites help to creates bookmarks in important top genuine websites. Social bookmarking helps to create a high-quality backlink of websites. Using social bookmarking sites get do-follow links for websites Creates high-quality backlinks and show on Google SERP. It helps to boost and increase your website traffic quickly. Using bookmarking submission helps to build the traffic of the website and make high-quality backlinks for your websites and increase the value of website In bookmarking submission we can add tags of contents which I want to create and make title and description to websites and link your social media account through bookmarking sites and user can submit images and other important details also in bookmarking submission.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking 

It makes the high quality of backlinks and improve ranking on Google Search Engine results page. Its creates a high conversion rate of the website
Using Social Bookmarking sites build a positive connection between users.
Using Social Bookmarking it improves page ranks and makes high-quality backlinks.
It makes domain name trusted and high page authority.
It improves followers on social media like Fb, Tumblr, dribble, twitter, and other Top Social media sites.

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