About On-page SEO and its Importance

Important tips of On-page SEO

 What are the most important tips of On-page SEO  What are the most important tips of On-page SEO

On-page SEO help to search your website pages into search engines. 91% of users search on the internet every year. Check and optimize the pages of the website and improve the ranking in search engine sites. In other terms on-page SEO help to check HTML source code and content of website pages.

Here are the Useful Tips of on-page SEO
  • Write unique and relevant Meta title and description for every page
  • High-quality fresh contents (This is the most important factor in SEO)
  • In On-page SEO Meta title and description is to be optimized and not to be copied from another.
  • Write content for human first then Search Engines Sites second
  • On-page SEO Image optimization (image size, proper image name and use of ALT text) 
  • Remove unused and dead link of website pages that may slow down your website
  • Link with Google top trusted website
  • The text of the website should be clear and Bold, Italic, etc.          

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